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Drama Workshops For Schools
Confidence in Education

Expressions Drama provides drama classes for primary and secondary children in Bradford and Skipton.   Providing high quality workshops, shows and storytelling sessions to help support history, geography and science, as well as maths and cross-curricular topics.  We aim to encourage learning in a creative and fun-filled environment.  In consultation with schools, we are also able to devise and deliver tailored workshops to support topics of a school's choice.


Students learn to articulate their ideas, grow in confidence and make responsible decisions through the use of drama as a teaching tool.

“Drama in education is for everyone. Students may not like acting or may not even be outspoken, but drama can make an impact on them, their education, their lives...,” says a local Head Teacher.


For example, standing in front of a class, a student begins to giggle and bend over in laughter while classmates try to guess the emotion she is acting out. Using drama in this English lesson of “Show, Don’t Tell”, students become aware of body language and expressions, which helps them to be more descriptive and creative in their writing.

Drama encourages students to speak the language. Aside from acting out stories, they also take the “Hot Seat” where a student would take on a persona and be interviewed by his classmates. Putting himself in the character’s shoes, the student explains the reasons, emotions and possible actions of the character.

The quietest student can come up with brilliant responses.


Students and teachers also explore how role-play can be used to discuss values and widen perspectives. Through Process Drama, students work through imaginary scenarios, discussing the problems and themes within them

Process drama is not about acting. It is about using drama strategies for children to engage on real-life issues.


To enhance the in-house instruction by drama-trained teachers, professional actors and directors are sometimes invited to the school. Students can also attend professional shows for more exposure and understanding.