Adult Drama Classes

Expressions Drama classes are fun, engaging and explore many areas of acting and drama within a creative environment as well as performing on the real stage.


If you are an actor, or new to acting or just want to try something new, even if it's to build your confidence or self-esteem - these are the classes for you.

As an actor it can sometimes be hard to stay or even get motivated especially if a few knock backs have come your way recently.  This reflects on your goals and focus in an industry which is highly competitive and very hard to get a break, to get noticed!


At Expressions and Northern Talent we want to enable you to keep doing what you love by performing  and keeping your skills tuned within the industry.  We will give you the tools to be able to smash an audition as well as having the positive, determined mindset which is required to be a success and most importantly achieve your goals.


It's very hard to break into this industry and often hear a lot of no's.  Northern Talent wants to help turn those no's into a YES ...YES ...YES!!

We will have professionals such as Directors, Casting Directors and Producers that will come along to provide talks, to work alongside with or even to observe you for their own casting purposes.


A wide range of acting methods will be used within the workshop paying attention to stage and screen acting.


Your work in class will be occasionally filmed, giving you the advantage to watch this back and therefore, rectifying your performance for a later time .

Black Diamond

Picture Taken from Letters of Note, Simon Jennings